What do you get from a massage at Relax Wichita?

Choosing a new massage therapist can be overwhelming. I get that because I’m new to Wichita and I’ve been looking for a new massage therapist myself.

One of the biggest obstacles can be money. We don’t like to talk about money, it’s supposed to be a private issue. I’m addressing it head on. Regular massage is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I know this because I have to budget for massage.

I walk the walk and get regular massage and if I don’t plan for it, massage doesn’t happen. If I expect you to jiggle the numbers and budget $100 for a massage every week, month, or quarter, it’s my job to tell you what you’re buying. Here it is, what you get from a 1 hour, $100 massage.

Clarity in Pricing

What I charge is clearly listed here at RelaxWichita.com.

I don’t like the awkwardness of tipping, so I do not accept gratuities.

I don’t like up-charging to use additional tools like massage cups or hot stones, or for a lotion that you may benefit from.

I charge one price for any type of massage. I will not charge a pink tax for prenatal massage. You don’t have the burden of trying to figure out what kind of massage you need. I’m the massage boss, you shouldn’t be bothered with that decision.

I want the freedom of having a discussion with you about your needs and creating a massage that is most beneficial for you without money being a factor.

I’m aware what other massage places charge and $100 with no additional costs or gratuity is in the low-mid range for a massage in Wichita.

A Full Hour

An hour = 60 minutes. This is my promise to you. The clock doesn’t start until I walk in the room and the actually begin the massage.

That’s not the case for every business. Massage Envy’s hour is 50 minutes. Some places start the clock when they take you back to the massage room.

Even some full service spas operate on a 50-minute hour. In my office, 30, 60, and 90 minute treatments last exactly as long as indicated. (Unless you’re late, then I may have to adjust accordingly.)

Ease of Scheduling

Scheduling tends to be the second biggest obstacle to getting a regular massage. We never think of scheduling massage at a time that is actually convenient to call.

You can schedule with me online, anytime right here:


You get my full attention. For 1 hour (or whatever you book), you are the superstar. You are the reason we’re in the room. I’m not answering text messages, listening to my own music or a podcast in headphones. I’m paying attention to you. Your massage is 100% about you. Need silence? We can do that.

Want me to spend a full hour on your feet? Sure. Warm pillow? Cool pillow? Not a problem.

You get your own full attention. No phone. No demands. Just you.


I’ve have 20 years of practice and hundreds of hours in continuing education. They were all just prep for your massage.

I understand that the biggest and most proven benefit of massage is stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and that means working with your body, not against it so you get the most benefit from your time on my table. All the attention to your needs helps calm your racing mind and reduces your symptoms from anxiety and depression.

Clinical Prudence

I won’t practice any techniques that are unsafe for you and your health condition. I have a thorough massage intake form to go over your health conditions. I don’t rely on you to know what important to tell me.

In general, people on blood thinners should not be getting deep tissue massage. Ditto that for people in treatment for cancer. It’s also unwise to do aggressive stretching on pregnant women. Using cold therapy on a client with Reynaud’s is just dumb. These are called contraindications. I won’t mess around with them.

The downside here is that I may need to turn you away, but that’s rare. Usually we can modify your massage to keep it safe and effective.


Until now, I have only worked in states that licensed massage therapists as healthcare professionals. As such, we were held to the same standards for privacy and confidentiality of our clients that doctors, nurses, and hospitals were. Just because I live in Kansas now doesn’t mean I will start blabbing about you. I respect your privacy and take your trust seriously. From information on your health intake form, to things you may chat about during your massage, I won’t talk about it or you.

Proper Licensing

There are plenty of massage therapists offering discounted massage, operating under the radar. The State of Kansas doesn’t license massage therapists, but the City of Wichita does. In Wichita, the therapist needs a license and the massage business does as well.

“Massage therapy business” means any business offering or providing massage therapy for consideration except as exempted in Section 3.55.020; and whether at a fixed place of business or at a location designated by the customer or client through outcall massage services. The term “massage therapy business” includes a massage therapist who is the sole owner, operator and employee of a massage therapy business operating as a sole proprietorship.”

IF a therapist is operating without all the proper licenses, their insurance will be voided in the event of a claim. That’s scary stuff right there.


I maintain liability insurance for my business. It protects both of us in the case of any issues.


A massage with me gets you connections with all the practitioners I know. That’s a great community of people that is continuing to grow. If massage isn’t helping your pain and/or anxiety, I’ll help you find the right acupuncturist, PT, or counselor.

High quality massage oils and creams

I only use the best products on your skin. This is especially important to me because my hands are in the stuff 20 hours a week. My oil of choice is coconut oil, it has a great glide for my work and absorbs into your skin nicely. It’s a nut free oil. And it washes out of the linen easily so I don’t end up with stinky sheets and blankets. I’ve had a horrible reaction to a poor quality oil and ended up with folliculitis. It was painful and avoidable. “Vegan” and “Organic” are not interchangeable with “Quality”.

I also have an amazing (and expensive) foot cream I love and you get it included in your massage. I've seen people upcharge $10 or more for it to be used during a massage appointment.

Many massage therapists and spas choose their products based on price, I choose them based on quality, because we both deserve it.

The best products also mean a little bit goes a long way. You won’t leave your massage feeling oiled down and icky. An oil I love from Pure Pro doesn’t come in a bottle with a pump because you are supposed to use it by the DROP.


I wash my hands before AND after every single massage. It’s the number one rule for reducing the spread of germs. It’s just a good practice. Simple hand washing is also something you should not assume happens regularly with every therapist.

I use an impermeable cover on all of the comfy layer on the massage table so that I can wipe it down between clients, along with any other surfaces either of us may have had contact with during your massage to prevent cross-contamination between clients. All of the massage linens are changed between clients, including the blanket. Most places don’t bother with changing the blanket, it’s expensive to have enough for a days worth of massages, and the laundry gets expensive. I don’t buy into that thinking, and believe you deserve clean linens for every massage. It’s also a law for massage businesses in the City of Wichita per SECTION 16. Section 3.55.150 of the Code of the City of Wichita:

“b. All surfaces subject to dermal contact used in the treatment of clients must be completely cleaned and disinfected after every use or covered with a fresh, sanitary, disposable liner or cover or with a cloth sheet or cover that has not been previously used for a different client since laundering. “

I clean AND disinfect any massage tools I may have used, like hot stones or massage cups. It’s time consuming, but it is a non-negotiable for me. Our health is worth the extra effort.

This has always been my policy, it's not a new policy as a result of COVID-19.

You get to support a small, local, woman-owned business

It’s just me! No conglomerate. No fancy management structure or corporate set up. Just a little business owner, paying her taxes, making a living to support her daughter, and participating in the same communities she serves.

There are fewer and fewer businesses that can stay afloat in the era of big box stores and Amazon.

When you pay $100 for a massage, you can be certain that money is staying in the local economy.


Dedicated to providing a damn good massage with passion, presence, and purpose.


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