Are you thinking about your first massage?

That can be a scary decision especially when you don’t know quite what to expect. You may even have some anxiety related to your first visit. That can be normal, but it’s not necessary! Here’s a little more information about how your first appointment may go:

First of all, it’s best if you arrive a few minutes early. Once you arrive at the Orpheum, enter the double doors that face Broadway Avenue, near the corner of 1st. Then head up to the 6th floor. When you step off the elevator, turn left and head through the set of doors. You are welcome to head towards Ste. 606 or grab a seat. I will check to make sure a new client intake form was filled out and give you a tablet to get that done, if it isn’t already.

Generally, there is 15 minutes between appointments for me, so my previous client may be in the office taking care of their payment and scheduling their next appointment if you arrive too early. The form itself isn’t too invasive, I need to make sure there are no issues I need to be aware of. After you fill out the form, I will take you back to the massage room. There, I will go over your intake and expectations for the session. I may ask a few additional questions for clarification, I don’t mean it as an interrogation and there are no wrong answers.

After I finish up the discussion, the therapist will take you through the basics. Some therapists prefer you start face down, others like to start face up. Either way, you’ll be under the sheet and blanket. I’ll point out where you can put your clothes, there are hooks to hang your clothes, but some people prefer to just throw them on the chair. That’s absolutely fine too. It’s just important that I can’t trip on them while I am working. I’ll also mention to you how to undress. You can leave your underwear on, or you can take them off. It doesn’t really matter to me, although if you need low back or hip work, no underwear can be better but isn’t required. Here’s a more thorough description about our draping policy if you want to read about it. Whatever your choice is, you’ll remained securely under the drape. As I work, I’ll undrape the area for access, but everything else will remain secure and out of sight!

At this point, I will step out of the room. Usually this is the time that I use the restroom, wash our hands, and just take a moment so I can focus on you and your massage. If there’s anything I need for the massage, I usually grab it now. Sometimes I will be out a short minute, just enough time for you to undress and jump under the cover, sometimes I need an extra minute or two.

Once you’re on the table, you do have one job: Please let me know if there is anything that hurts. Please communicate if something doesn’t feel right. Don’t think that there is anything that you have to suffer through because the “therapist knows best”. Please, speak up! If you’re cold let me know. If one of our fancy massage strokes hurts, I can modify it. If it’s uncomfortable to lay in the position you are in, I can change it. Massage therapists usually have great intuition, but I don’t read minds! The first few massage are a process of learning about one another. For instance, a twitch can mean one person is falling asleep while a different person forgot to mention they jammed their finger the other day.

Other than communicating with me, feel free to relax. In fact, I work really hard for you to just drift away to your happy place. There’s absolutely no need to help us move your limbs, let your therapist do all of the work. There is no right place for your arms to be. Just melt into your table. Actually experience your massage! You don’t even need to make small talk. Although, some people do need to chat and that’s absolutely fine too! It’s acceptable if you’re a quiet and introspective type of person.

Dedicated to providing a damn good massage with passion, presence, and purpose.


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